We are excited to share with you the announcement of a special “digital book project”, to which we hope you will contribute to.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Willem C. Vis Moot, the Vis Moot and Moot Alumni Association will celebrate the father and founder of the Vis Moot, Prof. Dr. Eric E. Bergsten, through recognizing and remembering his impact, both personally and professionally, on so many generations of “Mooties”, “Arbitrators” and “VIS supporters” by creating a digital celebration book.

The Vis community is encouraged to contribute to the book by sharing tributes, memories, photos, etc., reflecting the impact that Professor Bergsten and the Vis moot has had on the Vis community in personal and professional ways.  We hope that the contributions will reflect the wide and diverse global VIS community.

Please find attached the Call for Contributions and the Guidelines for Contributions.  Please share these with your relevant VIS supporting community and any person or organization that might be interested in contributing. We would welcome you to post these on your social media accounts and website, circulate them electronically through your mailing lists, and spread the word in any other manner.

Contributions and inquiries may be addressed to:  CelebrateBergsten@maa.net
Contributions should be received no later than February 26, 2023.

The “Editorial Board” consists of Patrizia Netal, Stefan Kröll, Chris Kee, Sherlin Tung and Patricia Shaughnessy.  The Board is assisted by two “Contribution Coordinators” Navin Ahuja and Ipek Ince.

We look forward to your contributions and continuing support
Patrizia Netal, Stefan Kröll, Christopher Kee, Sherlin Tung and Patricia Shaughnessy

Guidelines for Digital Celebration Book
Call for Contributions_Prof. Dr. Eric E. Bergsten

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