STATEMENT FROM THE VIS MOOT DIRECTORS One of the foundational ideals upon which the Vis Moot is based is that peaceful and respectful dispute resolution is always possible.  A second foundational ideal is that respect for the rule of law is fundamental in today’s world. Whilst the Vis Moot does not typically comment on external matters, we do stand with others in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Vis Moot recognises that many Russian people, both within and without the arbitration community, are just as concerned and distressed by these actions.  As an educational exercise that promotes peaceful dispute resolution, the Moot needs to model the behaviours and approaches we advocate.  As such we will not be excluding Russian teams from the Vis Moot competition. Furthermore it is critically important that these Russian teams do not suffer prejudice because of the unacceptable actions of the Russian government. Instead, we ask that all the Vis Moot community focus their attention and support on the Ukrainian teams.   We have read the posts of the Ukrainian members of the Vis Moot family written from bunkers and bomb shelters, explaining with extraordinary eloquence given the situation, of exactly the situation they are experiencing.  We urge the Vis Moot community to look for ways we all can support these colleagues and participants (and those in Ukraine more widely). We will do whatever we can to support the Ukrainian teams. Vienna, February 26, 2022

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