Dear Members of the Vis Moot Community, The continued and escalating aggression of the Russian Government with the apparent support of the Belarussian Government towards Ukraine is unlawful and is categorically condemned by both the international legal community and the Vis Moot Community. Over the past few days we have received and listened carefully to the very many different views that exist within our community.  We appreciate this input, because we feel it is important that further actions are taken after consideration of the views of the Vis Moot Community.  Most importantly we have heard the voices of the Ukrainian teams, their coaches and Ukrainian lawyers.  We wish to reassure the whole community that the Vis Moot is taking actions to support, and signal its support, for the Ukrainian teams, and more widely the people of Ukraine. All the information we are receiving helps to determine how we respond, and while we always strive to respond quickly, we need to bring together all the information from the different channels and carefully consider it. However, we feel it is important to share with you the actions we have already taken, and to be transparent that we intend to do more. The Vis Moot Social Bubble planned for Russia was cancelled.  The sponsorship of the Russian Arbitration Centre has been declined and the RAC removed as a sponsor of the Moot. We acknowledge these are small but hopefully symbolic steps.  We will make a further statement in the coming days setting out how we expect to continue upholding Moot ideals. We ask for your patience and understanding in this regard. We stand with Ukraine. Vienna, March 2, 2022  

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